New Motorcycle

 And my journal title still works!  Yay!

As Ameena had said in an earlier post we were thinking about getting a new motorcycle.  Well, we purchased a nice little 2005 Honda Shadow Aero, or the VT750C as it is otherwise known.

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After riding it back from Georgetown (north of Austin) and being thrilled with the feeling of cruising on the highway I am looking forward to taking it out on some hill country spins.  Just got my insurance for it and am waiting to receive the card so that I can get the title officially transferred to my name.

A whole lot of firsts with this, first real vehicle, first personal insurance, first 'real' motorcycle (the one I was riding was real, it just had no power).  I've got to say, the previous owner slapped some aftermarket Cobra pipes on it (which I wasn't even aware of until I got there to pick it up) and the bike is LOUD.  It rumbles like crazy when it starts up and I feel like I  need some earplugs or something at higher speeds because between the wind and the engine noise my ears were ringing when I stopped to stretch and get something to drink.

back to the daily grind...sort of

Wednesday, 3/25/2009
Weight: 205.4
Time Running: 30 minutes
Distance: ~1.5 miles
Goal: <= 190 by 07/15/2009

Well, after a week and a half of having a sore throat (making it impossible to run because it felt like I was breathing fire) and a bout of pinkeye (thanks to my parents and their somehow contracting a virulent strain...) I am back to running again. It feels good, but tiring, makes me feel weak. Also, Meena's foot is mostly better! I'm glad because it means we can start walking again with the dogs, which I've missed a little.

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I am re-opening my journal today as an experiment for myself. In the past I have tried to make myself stick to various exercise programs, but I have never been successful in keeping one up.

So here is the experiment:

Like so many other people on the web, I am going to use this as a space to record information about my exercise routine, and other things pertaining to my goals. In addition, I may include things that I have thought about while exercising. But mostly it is here for me to keep records. I welcome comments, of any sort, especially support, because doing this kind of thing is hard for me.

Tuesday, 03/10/2009
Weight: 209.4 lbs
Time Running: 25 minutes
Distance: 1.52 miles
Goal: <= 190 by 07/15/2009

Discount tea! Get in line!

So, I recently joined Adagio teas and they allow me to send $5 gift certificates to anyone I want to.

Anybody that wants some cheapish tea (the coupon will make a 4 oz. tin of tea about $5 after shipping, and to give you an idea 4 oz = 50ish cups) drop me a line with the e-mail address of your choice that you want it sent to. I'll send one out to you.

what's that? pictures?

For the first time in my 5 years on facebook, i have my own picture gallery.

Amazing isn't it?

Anyways, parent's were here this weekend, they took away a fair amount of random crap we had collected. Other than that, not much happened. Meena's been studying for her HESI exams, so we haven't had a whole lot of time to go out and do stuff. Not that there really is that much to do in CS.

At this point I'm looking into a rental car while in Costa Rica, otherwise I suppose we might travel by bus...but that takes alot more time and requires some schedule adjustment. Also, I need to start working on my Spanish so that I'm not completely helpless when traveling around. I find it sad that I haven't been able to practice my Chinese, therefore I am utterly hopeless with it right now. I can still read somewhat...but it's garbled, and my speaking and writing are completely shot at this point. Listening isn't so bad because of work(thank you translation calls), but I'm still terrible.

I'm also trying to figure out what I will be doing over thanksgiving break as I will be stuck in CS by myself while Meena heads to Corpus to spend some time with her family. My parent's have agreed to come up that Saturday and I suppose the whole weekend won't be lonely.

Anyone else not going home for the weekend?

life is semi-beautiful

so, following in comments on yesterday's post, i will discuss the things i did this weekend.

ayesha returned sweetpea to us, so now the cage seems full again (it's amazing how much space one little budgie can take up). my theory is, sweetpea is such a clumsy bird that in reality he takes up only slightly more space than a normal budgie (being only slightly larger), however because of the clumsiness the space used is much greater. this is because sweetpea takes the long way around everywhere and falls all over the cage rather than being able to work around gracefully like keats or munki. still, he's cute, and such a handful. that reminds me, i've been trying to work with the budgies on basic training using millet. i should do that some more.

dinner last night was great. heather took us to cafe eccell, which is one of the few high-class places in college station (and about the only one with vegetarian options). it was a fun dinner, and we had lots of conversation. talking about dealing with life in college station and the various sultry lives of some of our college acquaintances. the food was good, though there was so much of it that after appetizer and complimentary bread we still ended up with 2/3 our pizza left (mmm...4 more delicious meals). the desserts were amazing, and makes the place worth going to. but only for dessert and coffee methinks in the future. mm...strawberry mouth is already watering again...

otherwise life is boring...and wet. the rain today has made it nasty to ride about, so much so that i didn't want to go to school today to work on my micro unknowns. fortunately i'm almost done with everything, and i'm down to taking pictures of all my tests. i have s. aureus and e. coli! yay for little pathogens.

anyways...such is life for the dan...signining out.